About Muslim Reviews

We are a coalition of people who aim to safeguard communities by reviewing Muslim enterprises for the public good. This may involve taking a closer look at business practices by asking pertinent questions and raising public attention in them. We also highlight positive aspects of Muslim organisations for the purpose of enhancing people’s overall experiences within the Muslim market.

Muslim Reviews is a collaborative effort that brings together technology professionals, lawyers, accountants, business people, experienced investors, as well as ordinary people who simply concerned about organisational ethics. We will do everything we can to protect our communities, Muslim or Non Muslim, InshaAllah.

Our story

The growth of social-media marketing has also led to the unfortunate rise of some Muslim entrepreneurs promoting their products and services by employing unethical marketing techniques, charging tens of thousands of dollars – in some cases – up to one hundred thousand British pounds.

Out of concern for vulnerable consumers, individuals banded together to bring to our community’s attention what we think are important issues. We identify potentially misleading and unverifiable statements, report on past failed companies by business “gurus” and “experts” that are relevant, as well as address a critical lack of disclosure provided to investors and their members. Our approach is hard-hitting and focused on one issue at a time. Our entire work is based on publicly available information, from people with first-hand insight, as well as those who bravely “whistle-blow” for the good of everyone.

Our mission

With the ever-increasing popularity of the “Muslim market” as a niche, we feel it is our duty to safeguard our communities against potential unscrupulous business practices done in the name of Islam and Muslims.

We hope our work raises the prospect of greater openness and fosters ethical practices amongst Muslim business leaders who choose to target Muslims.

What can you do?

We are open to anyone who wants to get involved and help in our campaigns. If you have crucial information about an issue, we will give you a voice and an opportunity to help people in our communities.