LIVE Video: Adam Ali meets MEN co-founder Rocky Mirza and mosque Secretary Ashfaq Siddique

Adam Ali does a LIVE video on his meeting Rocky Mirza and the Secretary of Al Madina Mosque in Barking, Ashfaq Siddique.

Adam Ali takes a photo (left) with Ashfaq Siddique (right) during their initial meeting at a local cafe in Barking

Adam Ali of Course Reviews travelled down from Yorkshire to discuss on-going issues with Leverage refunds, amongst other pressing matters. A representative of Muslim Reviews accompanied Adam, together met with Ashfaq and his associate. Later in the evening, Adam Ali met Rocky Mirza at his office.

Watch Adam’s LIVE video

Adam’s post prior to the meeting

On 12th of November, Adam posted that he managed to arrange a meeting with Ashfaq and potentially with Rocky to discuss people’s refunds which are owed by MEN.

Screenshot 1: Adam let’s his followers know about the planned meeting.

Adam’s initial reaction after the meeting

The following is a copy and paste of his original post from his Course Reviews group.


Ok Friends: this post is about my trip yesterday to see Ashfaque and Rocky Mirza.

First I just want to say. I only decided to do a visit if needed for the people wanting refunds. I asked them to pursue Ashfaque first.

My plans were to go on Friday (Jummah) as it might be easier to catch Ashfaque (incase he is evasive and difficult to catch).

On Monday afternoon I called him and he was quite pleasant to talk to. He knew who I was and was open to seeing me. He suggested I come before Friday. I asked if he could the do next Day Tuesday which he was happy to.
He said he would appreciate if I could listen to what is really going on and get the message out to the public from my end. But he also knew the main discussion would be refunds.

We agreed a time and place for Tuesday. It was done.
This is what I did next. I had plans for the next Day. It was my Birthday on Tuesday, sons on Wednesday and wifes 3 days later.

I would have preferred to have stayed home and did family stuff. I had other work things planned aswell.

The meeting and travel would take 10 hours minimum. (meet and travel time)

But when I thought about it, I thought to myself, this is a potential window to maybe resolve refunds.

The question I asked myself was: ” If this was my money would I delay it another day or week and enjoy a bit of family time?”

Answer: No . If this was my money, sod family time I want the money back. I treated your refund money like my own.

I met Ashfaque for 1 hour first then Ashfaque, Rocky and I had another meeting for nearly two hours.

I pushed and pushed and pushed for refunds to happen there and then. “Right here right now” I said after the pretalk.

If I put any more pressure, the dialogue would have probably ended. I doubt most of YOU WHO ARE WAITING FOR REFUNDS WOULD HAVE TRIED HARDER THAN!

The whole trip took 13 hours. 9 hours drive and 4 hours meeting. I got back home after 2am. On the way back I nearly fell asleep at the wheel a couple of times and drifted into other lanes. I eventually had to ring one of my mates to keep me company on the phone to stay awake.

But this is no biggie. This is standard for anybody who is fighting for their own money, they would do this too.

ANYWAY – I don’t tell you this for a thank you or to get a “oh Adam is such a hero blah blah blah. ”
The reason I am describing this is that I want those people who could not represent themselves to know. I represented you like you would have done yourself. I put myself in your shoes! And treated the money as my own.

Anyway let me explain.

I need your advice so listen up.

I went to the meeting with one other brother who was very fearful of my safety and would not let me go alone. He was from East London. Thank You.

In a Nutshell.
Rocky has promised to refund but did not give a timescale.
I gave him the list of names to be refunded.
I said I am going to take specific action if the refunds are not done by tomorrow!
Rocky said he needs more time but still would not commit to a time.
Ashfaque has requested me to wait 14 days and then do any action!
Ashfaque said he is not involved in processing refunds and it is in Rocky’s hands.

Two choices.

1) I don’t say anything further here and wait 14 days for all the list, every single name to be refunded. Then leave it.

2) Assume that they will not keep their word and go into detail about the meeting and exactly what was discussed and my viewpoint. And give my advice to those waiting for refunds on what to maybe do next.

Some points to consider before you give me your opinion.

It is a slim chance everybody on that list will be refunded!
Not everybody is going to get their money back, there will be financial casualties whatever happens!

This is not a decision I would like to make alone and need advice because inside I am raging and burning and want to say things but I am equally considerate of my actions as people are waiting for their money back.

Please advise.

Adam conducted a poll about his options

After the meeting, Adam had two potential routes he could take.

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  • Please wait! Don’t take any action, they’ve refunded many, and will refund the rest inshaALLAH.

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