Ashfaq Siddique Exposed in the London News

Ashfaq Siddique, the secretary of Al Madina Mosque Barking has been covered in the London press by the Newham Recorder.

Read the articles here:

Part One (click here): Fraud complaints over get-rich-quick scheme that based itself at east London mosque): 

Part Two (click here): Muslim Entrepreneur Network investors speak out as co-founders clash over alleged fraud

Part Three (click here): Investors who lost thousands in Muslim entrepreneur scheme rally at Barking mosque

“Ashfaq Siddique denies any knowledge of wrongdoing but has so far declined to comment on the record.”

“Mr Siddique, a former policeman with Scotland Yard and trustee of the Barking and Dagenham Youth Zone, was also an early proponent of Leverage and at one event talked onstage about his relationship with the Mirza brothers.

In a later video seen by this newspaper he told viewers: “Brother Rafaqat [Rocky Mirza], alhamdulillah [praise be to God], has a very fertile mind. He has been blessed by Allah… with a wonderful brain.

“He has come up with a project that I believe will help us plan for the future, secure our ability to do more for our communities and help us to set objectives and work towards goals.”

Mr Siddique did not comment on the allegations but it is understood he kept a close relationship with MEN out of concern for the founders and the community, and to get the organisation on the right track.

Separately, Al Madina published online material suggesting it was in partnership with MEN, including a video calling on UK mosques and Islamic institutions to sign up to a “debt-free initiative”.”

“Finally, on Monday, September 3 last year, two amounts of £12,501 and £12,500 left the Empty Trip account, marked as refunds for two people who had put in £49,000.

Bar one individual, these are the only known to have had their money returned to them from that account, for any reason.

The logged recipients were Ashfaq Siddique, then-director of Empty Trip and secretary of Al Madina Mosque in Barking, and his brother Ishtiaq Siddique.”


Watch Ashfaq Siddique pitch Masjids around the UK to invest community funds into the “Empty Trip” scheme:

Ashfaq Siddique Accused of Fraud by his colleague at Empty Trip.

Ashfaq Siddique caught between Rocky and some angry investors.

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