Letter Template: Rocky Mirza and MEN should be investigated. Help the victims by reporting them to HMRC.

A good Samaritan provided the following letter to help the public report Rocky Mirza to HMRC. We have amended the original for our readers.

Please download and fill in the blanks as highlighted in the document (if you are a Leverage member who is owed money). If you are not a Leverage member or have never done business with MEN, we encourage you to still report them – we have a version for you.

Print it and post it to:

HMRC Fraud Hotline
CF14 5ZN
United Kingdom

We would like to thank the person who sent us the original letter. JazakAllahu Khairan.

Template for Leverage members waiting for refunds

→ Click Here To Download Word Version (Leverage members waiting for refunds)

Template for general the public

→ Click Here To Download Word Version (general public)

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