Shaykh Hasan Ali intervenes and meets with MEN’s founders, gives talk on Islamic business

After Muslim Reviews’ online campaign on the Muslim Entrepreneur Network, Shaykh Hasan Ali intervened. He giving his opinion on the issues and providing general advice on Islamic business to Muslims.

Facebook cover photo: Shaykh Hasan Ali’s intervention had an immediate impact on the Muslim Entrepreneur Network


Shaykh Hasan Ali published a previous LIVE Facebook video where he responded to Tayib Hasan’s article. In that video, he spoke about the need to protect mosques and publicly shared much of our concerns about MEN’s divisive actions.

The Shaykh intervention had an immediate impact on the founders of MEN, according to our sources from within their membership. There were members who privately expressed their dismay at the Shaykh’s intervention and even some became worried about the money they invested with MEN.

Not long after that video, Rocky Mirza, Harun Rashid and Ashfaq Siddique met with Shaykh Hasan Ali face to face. They discussed the issues raised by the Shaykh in the video as well as answered the questions he posed them.

After their meeting, the Shaykh released another video saying the original video will be deleted and another LIVE video would be done to clarify his position on MEN, as well as provide general advice about Islamic business.

Watch: Shaykh Hasan Ali’s video on the Muslim Entrepreneur Network

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